Norwich girl steals Zooey Deschanel’s style

She has a look that is unique and looks effortlessly stylish and she doesn't conform to fashion. This is why Rachel Watkins longs to steal the style of Zooey Deschanel. EMMA HARROWING reports.

Trying to squeeze into the latest fashion for leather or lace when your body would look better in softer, draped clothing will make you look like someone who has fallen victim to fashion rather than a stylish star.

Take film siren and musician Zooey Deschanel for example. The star of 100 Days of Summer and Elf always looks ultra stylish but she rarely follows the fashion hordes.

Instead she has developed her own style, a vintage mix of rounded collars, ditsy dresses, patterned tights with a modern twist.

'This is why I like her style,' says Rachel Watkins who works as a secretary at the University of East Anglia. 'I love that she has her own style regardless of what is in fashion. She always looks cool and laid back; it's a style that I would like to emulate.'

The clothes

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To help Rachel steal the style of Zooey Deschanel I took her to see Holly Pearce at Outfit on Riverside Retail Park. With autumn and winter trends in stock Outfit also has items that are just off the fashion radar, especially in the Miss Selfridge concession which is heavily influenced by vintage dresses, a favourite look with Zooey Deschanel. Says Holly: 'Miss Selfridge has a range of vintage inspired print dresses in their new collection and lace effect and block colour tights, which is a trademark style of Zooey Deschanel. The dress we have chosen for Rachel is definitely a style that Zooey would choose.

'The rounded collar and lace detail makes the dress look vintage and when worn with a pair of opaque tights the look is very relaxed yet oozes style. Zooey doesn't tend to wear much if any jewellery, but the addition of a couple of chunky bangles instantly adds style to this look.'

The hair

To help Rachel get the tousled dark locks she craves I took her to see Jade at Saks hair salon on Orford Hill.

Says Jade: 'As Rachel's hair is currently very red it is difficult to dye it a different colour as the red will show through. Therefore I am going to strip the colour from her hair with a water cleanse and then put a full head colour in chocolate brown on her hair.

'This will take away some of the warmth and make her more of a brunette.

'For the cut I am going to cut about an inch of Rachel's layers, create a thicker fringe and use straighteners to create a wavy look to her hair to achieve Zooey Deschanel's tousled look.'

The makeup

To get Zooey Deschanel's natural look, I took Rachel to see Melanie at Benefit in Debenhams.

For the base: Before applying a foundation, a primer was used to help brighten the complexion and even out redness. New product Pore fissional was mixed with the primer to help even out Rachel's skin tone and reduce the appearance of pores.

Powder foundation Hello Flawless was then brushed over her face.

To create a radiant look to her face High Beam complexion enhancer was applied around the eye area and along the cheekbone.

Brightening concealer Erase Paste was applied under the eyes to remove any dark circles.

For the eyes: Stay Don't Stray primer was applied over the eyelids to create an even and colourless base.

Eyeshadow shades Honey Bunny and Birthday suit were then used to create a soft look eye. Honey Bunny was applied with a brush across the eyelid up to the brow bone and Birthday Suit was applied along the socket line and down to the outer edge.

To define the eyes Bad Gal eyeliner was applied along the top lash line.

The eyes were finished with black mascara and the brows were given a groom with a little wax and defined using a brow shadow.

For the cheeks: Posie Tint was applied on the apples of the cheeks to create a natural flush and Sugarbomb shimmer was applied over the top to give Rachel an iridescent look.

For the lips: Posie Tint was also brushed across the lips before Rocket Pop lipstick was applied.

The verdict

Says Rachel: 'I love my new look and I have definitely stolen the style of Zooey Deschanel.

'My hair has changed so much that it takes me by surprise when I look at myself in the mirror!

'The dress is not something that I would have even picked up while out shopping, but it looks great and is definitely something that Zooey would wear.'