Norwich girl shows you how to wear a shift dress in five different ways

Take one shift dress and get five different looks. EMMA HARROWING shows you how you can bring new life to a fashion classic in a style makeover.

Celebrities such as Fearne Cotton have been spotted wearing last year's dress or trousers. This may come as a shock to A-list and even C-list celebrities, but for us mere mortals wearing the same jacket or skirt for many a year is the norm.

You can take a tip from Fearne though – instead of wearing last season's piece in the same way she has revamped her look by teaming her tried and trusted dress in a different way. Think wearing a dress with summer's cut-out leather belt or putting on a pair of trendy patterned leggings underneath.

Anyone of any age can reinvent their old clothes to make a collection of new outfits. Maybe you will need to buy a few accessories to complete each look and bring your style up to date, but accessories can be a cheaper way of getting a new look compared to investing in a whole new wardrobe.

Most people have a shift dress of some sort hanging in their wardrobe. Perhaps you have a plain black or navy one that you wear for work, or maybe you have a printed shift dress that you usually take on holiday with you for the evenings or it was a dress that you wore once to a friend's wedding.

It's time to dig out that shift dress as the classic style can be worn to practically any event and for any occasion. All you have to do is wear it with different accessories and other items that will take your shift dress from day to night, to holiday to home.

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