Norwich girl lives the life of a millionaire - for just one day.

Could you be a millionaire this Christmas Eve? As the National Lottery aims to make 25 people millionaires on Christmas Eve, one lucky Life Matters reader finds out what it is like to live the life of the rich and famous on our special millionaire makeover. Emma Harrowing reports.

For 25-year-old Ruth Lee from Norwich the past year has been her worst year yet. She went from a bright, bubbly girl, who could juggle university studies while holding down a job, to someone who couldn't even manage to get out of bed in the morning.

'In October 2009 my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour; things started going downhill from there,' says Ruth.

'This year I started to find life difficult, I became run down and developed a virus. Then one day I found that I couldn't get out of bed, I just didn't have the motivation.

'I was puzzled as to why I felt like this as I had a job I loved and my partner, who I have been with for seven years, proposed to me in the summer.'

Ruth's total lack of interest in life was the result of a minor breakdown. As a result she lost her job, gained weight as she had no interest in jogging, a past time she used to regularly partake in, and she would try and cheer herself up by gorging on chocolate.

Says Ruth: 'It's no surprise that I put on weight – after all for the duration of the summer I ate and ate and ate! However, the subsequent weight gain fuelled my depression.

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'I just want to regain my confidence so that I can get a job and be happy and confident again.'

Although money will not solve everything, it can go a long way in making you feel better about yourself.

Just revamping your image, indulging in the car you have always wanted or being pampered from head to toe can give you an instant pick-me-up.

With the EuroMillions Millionaire raffle promising to make 25 people millionaires this Christmas Eve, many people will discover how money could change their lives.

To give Ruth some light relief and to boost her confidence, Life Matters took her on an unforgettable makeover day. Here's her story...

Step one – Fly by private jet

With one million pounds to spend why not take a trip on a private jet? You will beat the queues and be through passport control and on the tarmac in about 15 minutes. You can also fly to Paris in under an hour.

SaxonAviation have a fleet of planes and helicopters that can be used for business and pleasure. From their headquarters at Norwich Airport you can fly to Paris or Greece depending on the size of the aircraft. A flight to Paris costs approximately �3,000.

Ruth got to look around the four-seater Citation Mustang and the larger eight-seater Beechcraft King Air 350.

Says Ruth: 'This has to be the most interesting part of the day. The plane was so luxurious that I could get used to travelling this way!'

Step two – Get a �1m home

Many of us would choose to spend the money on a big family home. So to show you what you could get for a million pounds, Ruth viewed a �1.2m house that is for sale in Drayton. Hill House on Hall Lane is one of the most fairytale-esque houses in the area. With eight bedrooms positioned on two acres of land, Hill House oozes luxury.

Says Ruth: 'The entrance to the house is amazing but that was nothing to the inside of the house. You could get lost in here!

'The house is really homely and I especially love the grand kitchen and the exquisite decor.'

Step three – Get a stylist

Ruth's depression has made her feel very down about her looks. To show her how beautiful she is Kathy at Nigel Alexandre hair salon and Lucy at Pampers beauty salon gave her a new look that emphasised her pretty features.

Says Ruth: 'Kathy has taken a lot of weight out of my hair and it looks and feels amazing!

'I can never do my makeup properly and for the past year I have given up wearing any at all. So having my makeup done by a professional was fantastic. I cannot believe how great I actually look!'

Step four – Get the car of your dreams

Forget the Limo, the Jag or Mercedes, the car that is sure to reflect your new found wealth has to be the Bentley.

Ruth was whisked around Norwich in the new Bentley Mulsanne 2011 courtsey of Bentley Norwich.

Everything about the car oozes luxury, from the cream leather seats and sheepskin floor to the soft close mechanism on the doors. The car retails at �224,700.

Says Ruth: 'This is definitely the way to travel in style. The car is gorgeous and the floor makes me want to take my shoes off and feel the sheepskin between my toes!'

Step five – Wear the finest jewels

Diamonds are definitely a girl's best friend when it comes to looking and feeling good. So for Ruth's final photo shoot we dressed her in �118,665 worth of diamonds and sapphires from Winsor Bishop.

After all if it is good for soon-to-be-princess Kate Middleton it's good enough for our Ruth!

Says Ruth: 'Wow! Wearing these jewels is amazing, they are so beautiful. I feel like a princess!'

Step six – Dress like a princess and indulge a little

There is nothing as indulgent as a proper afternoon tea – and afternoon tea at The Assembly House is nothing short of decadent.

Over the festive period The Assembly House is offering a choice of traditional or festive afternoon tea. The difference is that with the festive tea you get mulled wine, smoked salmon, beef and horseradish and turkey and cranberry sandwiches; mince pies, scones with cream and jam, chocolate truffles and your choice of tea.

To complete Ruth's millionaire makeover day, LK Bennett kindly lent her a �180 royal blue dress that flattered her curvy body shape, and suede shoes to make her feel glamorous for the afternoon.

Says Ruth: 'I really feel like a princess and the whole day has boosted by confidence. I can now see that I can look good if I make a bit of effort with my appearance. It has also given me the boost I needed to go out and get the job of my dreams.

'Spending time on the private jet and in the mansion, driving through the city in a Bentley and relaxing with afternoon tea in such an elegant place, has given me a taste of what life would be like if I won the lottery – in fact I think I am going to go out now and buy a ticket!'

Special thanks to: LK Bennett on Castle Street, SaxonAviation call 0845 155 6222 or visit, Hill House in Drayton (the house is for sale with Fine and County call 01603 221888 or, Nigel Alexandres call 01603 621516, Pampers beauty salon call 01603 660385 or visit, Bentley Norwich call 01603 219955 or visit, The Assembly House call 01603 626402 or visit, Winsor Bishop on London Street call 01603 620638 or visit