Norwich girl gets Cheryl Cole makeover

From all the letters and emails the Life Matters makeover team has received for the 'Steal a celebrity style' makeover there is one star that reigns supreme. Cheryl Cole is the popular choice among Life Matters readers as the celebrity that most of you would like to steal the style of. Rosie Doroba was the lucky reader who got the chance to get the look of her idol.

However, on the whole, Cheryl's style is right on the fashion button. Her name is usually synonymous with style and despite some of her fashion faux pas she is regarded as one of Britain's best dressed stars.

Her style is effortless, always glamorous and always on trend.

This is why Rosie Doroba from Lowestoft loves her. 'Cheryl always looks beautiful and very stylish,' says Rosie. 'She wears outfits that are very fashionable and she always looks impeccable.'

The clothes

To help 18-year-old Rosie steal Cheryl Cole's style I took her to see Emma at Outfit on Riverside Retail Park.

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With the autumn and winter collections in the shops it was easy to pick out outfits that are fashion forward enough to replicate Cheryl's style. We decided to go for an animal print mini dress, sky scraping heels and a shiny black clutch bag.

Animal prints are big news for autumn and the Warehouse dress we picked for Rosie is sexy and stylish, with 80s style puff sleeves, a tight mini pencil skirt and a high neck. When wearing a mini dress it's important to keep your top half high necked, as a plunging neckline and a raised skirt can make you look more like a brassy barmaid than a sultry star.


Rosie dyes her hair black with permanent hair dye and is a slave to the hair straighteners, therefore her hair is dry, lank and slightly damaged, a far cry from Cheryl's voluminous tresses. Therefore I took her to see Zoe and Arin at Max Giammello on Orford Hill to give her hair some much needed TLC.

Says Arin: 'Rosie's hair is currently shoulder length, which is the same length as Cheryl's when she is not wearing her hair extensions. The ends of Rosie's hair are dry caused by over straightening, so I'm going to trim the ends and give her hair a soft blow dry to create a tousled style with lots of volume.'

Says Zoe: 'As Rosie has a permanent hair colour on her hair getting it to the chocolate brown colour she wants will take a lot of work and it's important to do a strand test first to ensure that the hair will lift and not turn an unsightly shade of orange!

'As we have limited time I'm going to put a few vibrant red pieces through her hair to break up the black and make it appear slightly lighter.

'Red is the only colour that can be safely applied over black. If you do want to go from black to blonde it is important to have a strand test and then it may take a few trips to the salon to get the shade you want.'


To recreate Cheryl's signature smoky eye makeup look, Lucy at Max Giammello gave Rosie some top makeup tips.

Get the look

For the base: Rosie is conscious of her freckles so Lucy applied foundation in the same colour as her skin tone all over her face and then using a brush applied foundation over her freckles.

For the eyes: To create a smoky eye effect Lucy used black and grey eye shadow rather than Cheryl's brown shades, as black and grey suit Rosie's cooler skin tone.

First of all a grey eye shadow was applied with a brush over the eye lid up to the crease. Next black eye shadow was applied along the top lash line and around the outer edge of the eye lid to create a C shape. This was blended with a brush to soften the line.

The eyes were finished with a touch of eye liner along the bottom lash line and a coat of black mascara.

For the cheeks: A light pink blusher was used on the apples of the cheeks and blended up towards the hair line along the cheekbones to create a natural flush to the skin.

For the lips: As Rosie's eyes were heavily made up, Lucy kept her lips neutral with a tough of pink lip gloss.

The verdict

Says Rosie: 'My new look is amazing. The dress is not a style I would usually pick up in a shop but it looks stunning on. I often wear a lot of makeup so I love this look with the heavy smoky eyes.

'My hair is the best thing about my makeover, it is ages since I wore my hair curly and it feels so full of volume. I also love the flecks of red in my hair. It feels like it is in a lot better condition than it was before.

'I definitely feel like I have got Cheryl Cole's style!'