Norwich City store closes after sales melee angers ‘real fans’

Norwich City fans were angered by the sale (Picture taken from fans march in February) Pi

Norwich City fans were angered by the sale (Picture taken from fans march in February) Picture: SOPHIE WYLLIE - Credit: SOPHIE WYLLIE

A Norwich City Football Club shop was forced to close after a clearance sale prompted anger among fans.

The sale has been running since the start of the week at the Canaries Official store in Castle Mall Norwich, with a range of merchandise significantly reduced.

But as the store opened at 9am groups of people perceived not to be Norwich fans began filling cardboard boxes with items.

Soon tempers began to flare as products were cleared off the railings and fans began to vent their frustrations.

The decision was then taken to close the store as tensions rose, with the shutters coming down at around 9.45am.

One disgruntled fan had travelled from Attleborough and taken a half day at work to visit the sale.

He said: 'It is so unfair. These aren't real fans, they are obviously just going to sell these on at inflated prices, why else would they be filling boxes with six or seven of the same shirts in the same sizes?

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'I can't afford the full price kit because I put so much money into the club throughout the year, but I have come away with nothing. It's so unfair.'

Another man travelled from Lowestoft for the sale but was unable to get in the shop.

A fan from Norwich, who is a member at the club, said there was no point in him having his club card.

He said: 'We asked some of them who the manager was and they had no idea, they're not real fans.

'Why didn't they use the same system as they do for big games, with season ticket holders and members having first access? Or limit the amount of items per person?

'I feel sorry for the staff in the store because it's not their fault, but Norwich City is my life, and all I want to do is wear the badge. Why should they make loads of money for this stuff on Ebay while we pay ten times the price?'

The clearance will resume tomorrow when the store opens at 9am and queue management will be in place.

Norwich City were contacted for comment but declined.