Norwich firm built anti-rioting website

An anti-rioting campaign website that has taken social networking sites by storm was built in just six hours by Norwich digital and marketing agency, MMK Media, based near the Guildhall.

The Operation Cup Of Tea website is calling on people to stay at home and drink a cup of tea instead of causing unrest.

To support the cause, all visitors to the site have to do is make a cup of tea, take a photo of themselves drinking it at home and then post it on the Operation Cup of Tea Facebook page.

Visitors to the site can also help the people affected by the riots by buying tea on the website.

The campaign was created by former Big Brother contestant Sam Pepper and had about 100,000 fans in just 12 hours of it being set up.

The campaign has also been praised on twitter by Norfolk TV star, author and comedian Stephen Fry.

Chris Delahunty, director of MMK Media, which started about 18 months ago and has seven members of staff, said: 'Mr Pepper put something on twitter on Wednesday saying they were looking for a web developer.

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'We got in touch and built the website for him in six hours. You can buy teabags, tea or donate on the website, with all the proceeds going to help people affected by the riots.

'About 300,000 people have already visited Mr Pepper's Facebook page, and our website had 50,000 hits just one and a half days after we went live at 6pm on Wednesday.

'We have also had a few hundred orders to the site for tea and teabags, etc.'

He added: 'The reason we built the website was because it was the right thing to do. We did it free of charge. But it has had a nice side effect, in that people now know more about us, and are talking about us.'

A campaign on twitter also led to hundreds of people taking to the streets of London to clean up the damage caused during the riots, that also spread to cities such as Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham.

You can get to the MMK website via a link on

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