Teenage filmmaking duo crowdfunding for biggest project yet

James Bird and Henry Buah Birdbush Productions

James Bird and Henry Bush ages 18 from Norwich have co founded a production company 'Birdbush Productions' - Credit: Birdbush Productions

Two friends with a shared passion for film have come together to form their own production company - and are fundraising to finance their biggest project yet.

Henry Bush and James Bird, both 18, are co-founders of an exciting new Norwich based production company, Birdbush Productions.  

Together with a crew of ex-film students and creatives, they hoping to raise funds for the companies debut short film ‘Petty Crime’, which they hope people will support young, local talent. 

Henry Bush and James Bird Birdbush Productions

Henry Bush, 18 and James Bird 18, from Norwich. Co-founders of Birdbush productions. - Credit: Birdbush Productions

Mr Bush said “Petty Crime is a dark comedy film about youth crime, differences in social class and the consequences of unethical decision making.” 

Mr Bird said “Henry and I are both student creatives ourselves and we established Birdbush Productions at the end of last year.” 

birdbush cast and crew

Cast and crew, Jack Jackson, Robson Medler, Abbie Neale, Harvey Coe, Jayson Peralta and Ted Davies. Henry Bush bottom left, James Bird bottom right. - Credit: Birdbush productions.

He added “Henry and I have worked on a wide variety of content over the past few years, mostly smaller-scale projects, and decided to go out of our comfort zones and write and direct an original storyline with a very talented group of actors and crew.

“Our film ‘Petty Crime’ is presented in a particularly light-hearted mood with frequent elements of dark comedy throughout.” 

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They have never worked on something of this calibre before and have already gained a lot of support for the project."

Mr Bird added: “Primarily I’m an artist and music producer, but Henry and I have worked on a wide variety of content over the years so it felt right to join forces and establish a production company.

"Our aim with Birdbush is to create various forms of high-quality visual content, as well as providing affordable services for local businesses and brands that have a vision.” 

Petty Crime Poster for Birdbush Productions biggest film yet. 

Petty Crime Poster for Birdbush Productions biggest film yet. - Credit: Birdbush Productions

Mr Bush added “Our production company is already proving to be a great way of helping us break further into the film and media industry. This is great as I love to work in environments and with people that are new to me.

"Each of our projects has been bigger and better than the last so I hope that continues in the future.”  

The company has just launched an Indiegogo campaign online to raise some funds for our talented cast and crew, www.birdbush.co.uk/pettycrime