Norwich features in music video

Scenes of Norwich will be beamed around the country in a music video which is aiming for the Christmas number one spot.

Britain's Got Talent street dancers Nemesis were in Norwich yesterday filming on the balcony of City Hall and outside the Forum as part of a collaborative single recorded by young people from around England.

The single has been put together as part of the ITV Fixers initiative – a project which aims to dispel the negative perception of young people in the press.

The single, called Common Ground, promotes a message of giving and working together to make the world a better place. Each of the nine singers and groups, who are all from a different regions, display a different message during the video. In their part of the video Nemesis are encouraging youngsters not to binge drink.

The group has already been working with the charity Fixers to raise awareness of issues that affect young people such as racism, safe sex, stereotyping and body image.

Nemesis member Tapfuma Minya, 22, said it was the first time he had visited Norwich. 'It looks good with all the old buildings', he said. 'Milton Keynes is a new city so we do not see many old structures.'

He said that since they had been on Britain's Got Talent they had felt a responsibility to set an example to their fans. 'When we did Britain's Got Talent we had to practise out-side, so the idea is to build a dance studio so others can have somewhere safe to dance.'

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The new single is described as a 'a gritty but soulful pop song, with a strong hip-hop influence'. In their verse of Common Ground, available on Itunes on Monday, Nemesis deliver an upbeat rap.

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