Community veggie patches to be planted at city library

The team at Norwich Farmshare transformed St Francis garden in Heartsease and are now set to do the same in Mile Cross. 

The team at Norwich Farmshare transformed St Francis garden in Heartsease and are now set to do the same in Mile Cross. - Credit: Norwich Farmshare

Plant beds which have been gathering dust will be transformed into flourishing veggie patches for the whole city to enjoy thanks to a new project. 

Norwich Farmshare is determined that Norwich will one day be buzzing with micro-gardens across the city.

And now the team made up entirely of volunteers has been handed a patch of land in Mile Cross where they'll be growing fruit and veg for local folk.

The garden Norwich Farmshare created at St Francis garden in Heaartsease

The garden Norwich Farmshare created at St Francis garden in Heaartsease - Credit: Norwich Farmshare

The volunteers have partnered with Mile Cross library to transform some of the site's disused space. 

A spokesman at Norwich Farmshare said: “Norwich FarmShare is known for providing a fun and inclusive environment for people to learn about growing food and producing high quality veg for local people.  

“The new site at Mile Cross will be a chance to bring this model into the community and empower people to be more involved with the local food system. 

“The first work session at Mile Cross will be on November 10 between 10am and 1pm. Future sessions will depend on who gets involved and what time is best for them.” 

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The team will be using their tried and tested techniques of no-dig and heavy mulching - as well as planting vegetable plugs - to produce a thriving and productive area.

Two members of the FarmShare team, Phil Howes and Amy Ross, have already helped transform other areas in the city such as out of use space in Heartsease. 

Around 50 square metres of an unused patch of ground behind St Francis Church is now growing food for local folk. 

And it is Ms Ross who will be providing the support and guidance for the Mile Cross project. 

She'll be teaching the potential gardeners simple but effective growing techniques to keep the workload manageable and the garden growing. 

These garden beds behind Mile Cross Library are set to be transformed by Norwich Farmshare

These garden beds behind Mile Cross Library are set to be transformed by Norwich Farmshare into a community vegetable garden. - Credit: Norwich Farmshare

The FarmShare is a community-supported farm which grows fruit and veg on the outskirts of Norwich in Whitlingham Lane. 

Working with volunteers it helps to feed 130 nearby households and was originally launched thanks to funding from the Land Workers Alliance and the National Lottery Community.

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