Norwich family will do whatever they can to help little James

A family have told of their struggle to find the money to help their young son overcome a condition which has left him unable to walk unaided.

Nine-year-old James Burrows, of Argyle Crescent, Taverham, has cerebral palsy, which means he needs a frame to walk and has to have a drain from his head.

Mother and father Trish and Michael, both 40, are determined to do whatever they can to pay for the extra physiotherapy treatment they believe James will need after his latest operation, but are reliant on the support of charitable fundraisers.

The pair have already seen their son, a pupil at Taverham Junior School, overcome the odds at an even younger age – he had three operations in three days at only two weeks old – and are amazed by the determination with which he faces his daily struggles, and his ability to remain upbeat throughout.

Mrs Burrows said: 'He cannot play football with his friends because if he falls and bangs his head, it could be life threatening.

'He has to have frequent, uncomfortable treatment, but he just gets it done and goes back to school smiling. He has a fantastic sense of humour, he makes up jokes and loves Spongebob Squarepants.

'He does get frustrated. But he still smiles and is a determined little fella. I am so proud of him.

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'He is our little boy and you want to do everything you can for him. We have our black moments but when you think of his birth and what he went through, we are so lucky he is here.'

James is about to undergo an operation on the NHS, which includes placing a metal plate in his hip and having his heel lowered.

He will receive some physiotherapy on the NHS, but to provide the longer-term intensive treatment his parents say he needs to benefit fully from the operation, they will have to go private.

The going rate for that is �60 an hour, with three hour-long sessions a day and five a week required to get results.

And his parents, who also have a six-year-old son, William, admit that is something they cannot afford. Mrs Burrows, a kitchen assistant at James's school, added: 'It is a struggle with everything else you have to do, because we have another son who deserves just as much attention.

'We are absolutely dreading the operation, and we do not want him to go through it for nothing. If all goes well he will be able to be independent in the house.

'He will always need a frame, but we just want to do whatever we can to help him become more of an independent young man in the years to come.'

A big event is being held tonight to raise funds for James's treatment. Zumba fitness Norwich – owned by Sallie-Anne Sadler – are doing a mass Zumbathon fitness event with all proceeds going to the family. Anyone can turn up and pay the �10 to join in and support the family.

'We want to thank Sallie-Anne and the main sponsor, Chef 2 Dine 4 (a private dining service owned by Avril Heron in Norwich) for their support, we would be nowhere without them,' said Mrs Burrows.

The Zumba event will be at The Space, Roundtree Way, Norwich, from 6-9pm tonight.

To join in the Zumba fun and support the Burrows, call Sallie-Anne on 07793 908361, visit or just show up on the night.