Norwich family reunited with precious family photos

A Norwich family has been reunited with a lost memory card after it was found by an Evening News reader.

The card, no bigger than a stamp, contains videos of a wedding and precious family time with a young baby.

The Evening News received it with an unsigned letter, saying 'thank you in anticipation' – and an appeal was published in Friday paper, asking readers if they recognised the family involved.

Averil Guffogg, 60, who lives in the Newmarket Road area of Norwich, was alerted by a neighbour that her son, Michael Guffogg, 30, was in the newspaper.

She said: 'When I saw it was Michael and his memory card had been found, I just could not believe it.'

Mrs Guffogg was walking with her son, his wife Claire, 29, and their five-month-old son, James, around Cow Tower and the cathedral in Norwich on Boxing Day during the family's visit from Guildford.

Mrs Guffogg said: 'Once we got home Michael realised he must have dropped his memory card full of videos on the walk. We went back the next day to the area but with all the leaves and wind, we couldn't see it. Michael was so upset.'

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The family reported the lost card to police in the hope of retrieving the videos of senti-mental value, but to little avail.

She said: 'We are absolutely thrilled, and just so lucky. We can't thank the person who found the memory card enough. The news is usually so depressing. I'm just so happy and thankful for our happy ending.'

Michael admitted that he had written off getting the card back, saying: 'We went back and had a look for it but couldn't find it and had just given up on it really.

'There's a lot of baby things that I hadn't backed up, and my best mate's wedding, which I hadn't backed up either, so a lot of memories.

'I just want to say thank you very, very much for the honesty of the person to hand it in and thank them very much because they really have got me off the hook!'

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