Norwich family issue emotional plea to help find their beloved 16-year-old dog Muttley who has gone missing and is virtually deaf and can barely see

The owner of a 16-year-old dog who is almost blind and can barely see has issued an emotional plea for information after he went missing.

Sharon Kellett, 49, a mother-of-four and grandmother-of-four, from Lion Wood Road, off Plumstead Road, Norwich, fought back the tears as she called on members of the public to help find her beloved pet Muttley.

The Jack Russell, who has been a part of the family since he was just a puppy, is believed to have gone missing in the early hours of Sunday, February 19 and has not been seen since.

Mrs Kellett said: 'He was in bed when we went to bed at midnight and when we got up at 9am the back gate was open. He sleeps in the living room but we have to leave the cat flap open if he needs to go out to do the toilet.'

The family together with friends have put up posters in the area, posted an appeal on Facebook and have turned to the Evening News in a desperate bid to find the dog.

Mrs Kellett, a former worker at Tesco on Blue Boar Lane, said: 'I would be most grateful if you and your readers could help me to find my old dog.

'He is virtually blind and deaf, he is 16 years of age, he is called Muttley, and we really miss him. We think he's got canine alzheimer's - he's a bit disorientated. I just hope you can help us as we are getting desperate now.'

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Mrs Kellett, who lived with her husband Michael, 50, and two other Jack Russell dogs Misha, two, and Phoebe, five, said the whole family were missing Muttley.

She said: 'My youngest daughter is 21 so she's known him all her life and is devastated. The two dogs have been pining for him. It's just the not knowing where he is or if anything has happened to him.' Mrs Kellett, who revealed Muttley was not micro-chipped as he did not stray very far from home, urged anyone who saw her dog or who had any information of where he might be to contact her.

Anyone with information should contact Mrs Kellett on 01603 437917 or 07565507140.

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