Norwich family calls in medium to find missing pet

David BaleA family has recruited a renowned Norwich medium to help find a pet cockatiel that has been missing for two weeks.David Bale

A family has recruited a renowned Norwich medium to help find a pet cockatiel that has been missing for two weeks.

Kathy Knight and daughter Danielle Clitheroe, 11, have asked Dominic Zenden, from Old Catton, for help.

Since their cockatiel, called Cheech, vanished his partner Chong is desperately pining for him and won't eat, Ms Knight, a 39-year-old carer, said.

Ms Knight, from Ambrose Close, Bowthorpe, said: 'Danielle has been really upset about Cheech going and Chong has also been pining for him. Chong won't eat and I'm really worried about her.

'I found Dominic's name when I was browsing the internet and came across this story about him finding a lost dog, and that he lived in Norwich.

'Dominic has already been around to see me and has narrowed down the area where Cheech is. We just now need to visit that area and find Cheech.'

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She said Cheech would be able to survive temporarily by eating bird seeds put out for wild birds but he could not live indefinitely on his own.

Mr Zenden, 47, has been a spiritualist medium for more than 25 years and has published books on the paranormal.

He said: 'I've been to see Kathy and I tried to find the energy of the bird. I put my hands on the cage and I got a direct line straight from the home to where the bird was located. The bird is in a tree in a wooded area near their home. I have arranged with Kathy to go to this area, find Cheech, and then coax him down.'

Mr Zenden said in the past he had helped find a great parrot in Essex, a woman's missing earring worth �7,000, a lost dog, a diabetic lady in Plymouth and a little girl in Devon.

Mr Zenden will be appearing at the Maid's Head Hotel in Tombland, Norwich on July 23 and at The Curve at The Forum in Norwich on August 5, both at 7.30pm. For more details visit or ring 07789619845.

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