Norwich families in battle to save tadpoles

Worried families have been carrying bottles of water to Mousehold Heath in the sunny weather – not to drink, but to try to save the wildlife.

The heath's Vinegar Pond, where frogs often spawn, is completely dried up, but close by is what is known as a dew pond, which is full of tadpoles.

But families have noticed that the pond has been drying out in the recent sunny spell and are worried about the fate of those tadpoles if there is not enough water.

As word has spread, people who live nearby have taken to taking water from their garden water butts and troughs to pour into the pond to keep the suffering tadpoles alive.

And they have been joined by families from further afield, who have also headed to the heath with bottles of water.

Gill Webb, from the Mousehold Defenders, an action group set up to protect the heath, said the group was monitoring the situation. She said: 'It's down to the council, really, but I know the green spaces team has been in touch with a chap who has taken a bowser of water down there.

'We have had a number of dry months and it's nature's way. If it rains then it will fill naturally.

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'There's a limit to what can be done, but we are monitoring it.'

The nearby Vinegar Pond, so-called because of an algae which can make the water appear to be the colour of vinegar, is once again totally dry.

Last year the defenders moved some of the frogspawn from there into the dew pond because the water level had dropped to such a low level.

The Evening News is keen to speak to the families who have been refilling the pond. If you're one of them please call Evening News reporter Dan Grimmer on 01603 772375 or email