Evening News launch brand new app giving a 'cleaner user experience'

The new Evening News + app. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

People in Norwich can read more about their Fine City courtesy of the Evening News+ app - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY

Today marks a new dawn in the way Norwich gets its news. 

The launch of the Evening News+ app means exclusive, quality content delivered straight to your phone, tablet or computer. 

On the app readers can expect to find in-depth news, crime, investigations, housing and business stories as well as much more.

Richard Porritt, editor of the Norwich Evening News, said: "Our new app allows us to lessen our environmental impact while providing the means to publish all our content on a world-class platform that helps to pay for the cost of our journalism.

"There will be video content, podcasts, newsletters and breaking news notifications.

"And the app experience will be very different from the free, online version with a much cleaner user experience and significantly fewer adverts which is why we will be asking readers to subscribe at a very low price.

"Evening News+ is the best – and cheapest – way to ensure you don’t miss anything that is important to Norwich."

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The app launches today and can be found in the app store on IOS and Android.