Norwich entertainment journalist proud owner of rare Blue Peter badge

Proud Gold Blue Peter badge winner Mark Boardman

Proud Gold Blue Peter badge winner Mark Boardman - Credit: Archant

The Blue Peter badge is one of the most sought-after childhood items - but a man from Norwich has been awarded one, at the age of 34.

Entertainment journalist, Mark Boardman, has received his gold badge - the rarest badge awarded for exceptional achievement - for his help in promoting young rising musicians.

The former Wymondham College student, who is the CEO of – a UK entertainment site - first got into the media in the early 2000s through writing about film premiers and interviewing celebrities.

The father-of-two was nominated to receive the badge by various people within the media for his involvement in showcasing young and unknown talent.

Mr Boardman said: 'I help put together showcases to show off new talent – I've always tried to help people. I post articles on young and talented musicians with links to their Youtube. I put on showcases where key figures in the industry attend and I have helped people such as Jessie J and Sam Smith.'

The showbiz reporter states that being awarded the golden badge and being among the elite to have one is up there with the rest of his awards.

He said: 'It is quite an amazing accolade. I don't earn money from pushing these artists, I just love doing it and it's nice to be recognised for doing something I love.

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'It has taken pride of place with my other media achievements.'

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