'Norwich Demands Better' demonstration to take place in city centre

The Forum in Norwich 

A 'Norwich Demands Better' public meeting will be taking place at The Forum - Credit: Ben Hardy

Campaigners are set to gather to demand change from authorities amid rising living costs at a city centre rally.

A public meeting will be taking place at The Forum on Monday at 6pm with the theme 'Norwich Demands Better'. 

Organisers say the demonstration is in response to the cost of living crisis as community activists demand change.

There will be speakers from foodbanks and trade unions including from the teaching, postal and public transport professions. 

Laurie Heselden, regional policy officer for Trades Union Congress, who are behind the rally, said: "The purpose is to turn pain into hope, and hope into action in advance of the national march and rally in London on June 18.

Laurie Heselden, of Trades Union Congress

Laurie Heselden, of Trades Union Congress - Credit: Laurie Heselden

"One of our objectives was to win a windfall tax on the profits of energy companies. A month ago the government said that was impossible, but political pressure forced a U-turn.

"That was a win for campaigners, but there is more to be won."