Norwich decor workshop helps you add some colour to your home

Sofa from Warings Furniture in Swaffer fabrics.

Sofa from Warings Furniture in Swaffer fabrics. - Credit: Archant

Choosing the perfect colour palette for your home can be tricky but a decorating workshop aims to help you transform your home for Summer. EMMA HARROWING reports.

Many arguments have taken place in the paint aisle at the local DIY store. Should we go for rose white, opt for a bolder colour such as egg shell blue or something a bit more risque like Aubergine? Testers and paint charts in hand you vow that this year you will try something different in your home, only to end up a few weeks (and few tense discussions) later rolling on trusty Magnolia.

With a new interiors trend dictating that a capsule collection of colours will be used throughout your home to create 'flow' and a 'nurturing refuge', those that have experienced the scenario above will be wondering how on earth they can get this look throughout their home when decorating one room turns into Decorgate.

Help is at hand.

Decorating event Pattern & Colour in the Home aims to help you achieve the harmonious look for 2013 without the dischord. The event, held at Warings on Cattle Market Street brings together paint, wallpaper, fabrics and furniture so that you can get advice on how to give your home a makeover.

'The event will give you ideas to help you transform your home into a Summer haven of brightness using this year's wonderful palette of colours,' says Warings director Julie Edney. 'You will learn how to use these colours to achieve this year's look.'

Paint specialists Farrow & Ball and Swaffer Fabrics will be on hand to give advice, with the former demonstrating its decorating scheme to help you choose colours for your home that work together.

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According to Farrow & Ball using the colour Black Blue on the walls with contrasting accent colours such as French Gray on wood panelling and Stone Blue and Cornforth White for room dividers works well in both traditional and contemporary homes.

In contrast pattern has become twee with ditsy florals mixed with bright block colour to create an eclectic story for furniture.

You can discover how you can achieve these new looks for your home at the Pattern & Colour in the Home event at Warings on Wednesday April 24 between 1pm and 3pm. The event is free but you need to call to book your space on 01603 766777.