Norwich council chief vows to improve city centre for cyclists and pedestrians

Norwich City Council's leader has vowed that work is taking place to make the city centre more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Evening News took a look at what a car-free Norwich would be like, prompted by a European Union vision to cut emissions by 60pc by 2050.

Steve Morphew, Labour city councillor and City Hall leader, said: 'Of course it sounds good on the face of it to have a car free city centre, but it really is not easy to achieve. Cities need people and we have to accommodate getting them in and out. It would be easy to get it wrong and drive business and shoppers out, leaving the city centre like a ghost town.

'However, we are progressively improving the city centre and making it easier for those who want alternatives to cars. Closing Westlegate would be the catalyst for improving attractiveness for business and bus routes in and out of the city.'