Norwich company love Jenny’s marvellous murals

A Norwich based freelance artist has completed an eight foot long mural for Norfolk company Comm Tech.

Jenny Leonard, who has previously been commissioned by British Airways (BA) for a mural installation at their head office in London, has made a timeline piece depicting the growth of the communication business over its 25 year life.

The piece is painted in a light, cartoon style and depicts the humble beginnings of the company van to the prosperous era of its new headquarters at King Street, where it was installed yesterday.

Jenny said: 'There are a lot of photographs and signage around and you sort of turn a blind eye to it, but when you see a real painting it gets people talking.

'There was an awful lot of pictures to work from, such as their old shop fronts and old mobile phones. It's really about their business, they fed me some images and told me a bit about themselves and I just tried to interpret it as something I thought would be popular.'

Comm Tech Managing Director Justin Millar has a brother who works for BA. 'Jenny did a fantastic drawing for BA,' he said, 'It was flash as anything really, it was the wow factor, and instead of it being unbelievably straight forward and professional, it's actually a nice gentle run through our 26 years.

'It's quite funny to see the old van, and our old logo, the screaming eagle or crazy chicken or whatever people said it was. It's just a nice talking point to get people saying 'I remember when your company was like that.'

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'It's not too stuck up, it's just a nice leisurely promenade through our world.'

Jenny's work is exhibited at the Debut Contemporary Gallery in Notting Hill and her murals can be found around Norwich including at the Grays Fair Court Community Support Centre. She studied fine art at Norwich University College of the Arts.

'Norwich is a nice place to establish your name, the art school has got a lot going on and things can happen just by talking to people,' she said.