Norwich City star delights taxi drivers with free beer

In a world where highly paid employees sit and refuse to do their job, it is no wonder that Premier League footballers can have a bad reputation.

But one player from Norwich City has shown a friendlier side to the profession after delighting taxi drivers at the city's airport with a generous gift.

Canaries left-back Marc Tierney surprised the drivers with packs of beer and cider after they helped him when his car broke down. Tierney, 26, had a problem with his Range Rover when he dropped his family at the airport last Tuesday morning and the taxi drivers rushed to his aid before he waited for a recovery service to arrive.

To the drivers' great surprise, he arrived early for the club's flight to Manchester on Friday and presented them with 15 packs of beer.

The defender has impressed pundits this season with his performances on the pitch, but this act of kindness has won over a whole new group of fans at the airport.

Colin McAulay, of Norwich Airport Taxis, said it was a 'magnificent gesture from a very nice chap'.

Mr McAulay, 50, said: 'All we did was push him around the corner 20 yards but when he came to fly out for the Manchester United game he must have filled his car up with beer.'

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He said that the drivers were amazed as he made four or five trips from his car to their office with the gift. 'You hear bad reports about what players are getting up to, then you get one from Norwich take the time to do this,' he said.

Mr McAulay said a number of the drivers were season ticket holders, but it wasn't just them who were impressed by his actions.

'Everyone at the airport who heard about it thought it was fantastic. He's certainly gained a few friends and fans here.'

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