Ding Dong! City Hall clock stopped YET AGAIN for days of works

Contractors in action replacing the hands on City Hall's Clock Tower

Contractors in action replacing the hands on City Hall's Clock Tower - Credit: Jess Coppins

It's becoming a familiar sight for folk in Norwich. 

The City Hall clock is once again not ticking as it is undergoing further maintenance work over the next couple of days. 

As a result, the clock hands are stuck on 8.40am. 

Posting on Twitter, the city council said: "Remember to check your wristwatch, phones and sundials instead! 

"Thank you for your patience while we carry out this work." 

The clock had previously malfunctioned twice in October, prompting the authority to call out its contractor, Michlmayr Clock and Watchmakers, to try and find a solution.

At the time, the city council was contacted by the Evening News as part of our 'We'll Sort It' campaign in a bid to get time moving again. 

A spokeswoman for the council had said its contactor would be reporting back its findings to see how this scenario can be avoided altogether in the future.

But, hopefully for the final time, it's repair o'clock on the market.

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