Norwich City Hall clock breaks down again

Mary HamiltonOne of Norwich's landmark buildings looks to be stuck in a time warp again.Mary Hamilton

One of Norwich's landmark buildings looks to be stuck in a time warp again.

The beleaguered clock atop city hall has stopped working for the second time in two months - though it continues to chime the hours as normal.

A city council spokesman said: 'We are investigating and working on solving the problem to get the clock going again as soon as we can.'

The new problem could be related to earlier issues at the New Year, when the clock stopped completely for a short time.

'We think that was because it was so cold,' said the spokesman. 'We think the mechanism just froze completely. It started again by itself.

'The clock has regular services from specialists and it is due for a service visit. We have brought this forward to ensure it gets an expert check as soon as possible.

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'We do our best with it but because of the age of the building we like it looked at properly.'

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