Why was Norwich City's tweet so upsetting to the LGBTQ+ community?

Home For Everyone campaign film

Offensive homophobic terms were covered by paint in the Home For Everyone campaign film - Credit: Norwich City

Evening News reporter Sophie Skyring explains exactly why Norwich City upset so many people with their Pride Month blunder.

On June 8 Norwich City published a tweet containing a list of highly offensive, homophobic slurs - and there was quickly outrage on social media.  

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community I would like to address why this was problematic.  

The wall display in the post showed the very words that have been aimed at many of us to make us feel we are lesser members of society. 

Although the idea, I am sure, came from a good place the slurs were posted without any proper context.  

The idea was that paint would be thrown at the wall in order to cover the words - but even this action is problematic.  

For many the video of paint being thrown was seen as fun and banter - but these terms are more than just words to people who have been hurt by them. 

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They have been used to target people in the LGBTQ+ community for generations and were in view for the duration of the video.  

It served as a dictionary for anybody who is homophobic. The complete lack of understanding is in itself hugely hurtful.  

The sheer number of people on social media who found the words in the post funny has made many of us feel very vulnerable.

This clearly wasn't the aim of the stunt but a lack of forethought and the utterly clumsy execution needs addressing. The fact the club has not acknowledged the mistake or said "sorry" is disgusting.