Norwich City fans call for promotion party

Ben KendallNorwich City supporters have sent a clear message to the club saying 'We want a proper celebration', as talks about how to honour the team's promotion continue.Ben Kendall

Norwich City supporters have sent a clear message to the club saying 'We want a proper celebration', as talks about how to honour the team's promotion continue.

Canaries officials and Norwich City Council were yesterday continuing discussions over a possible civic reception to mark the club's return to Championship football. A spokesman said an announcement would be made 'shortly'.

On Saturday the team were confirmed as League One champions - winning the seventh trophy in the club's 108-year history.

Evening News readers have written in calling unanimously for a chance to publically thank the players for their achievement. Fans have also flooded online message boards and contacted the club directly.

Club spokesman Joe Ferrari said: 'We are still working on a decision with regard to what kind of celebration will take place and will continue to canvass supporters' opinions.'

Season ticket holder Martin Curtis said: 'I believe that it would be a great disappointment to all the loyal Norwich fans if a promotion party is not organised.

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'It's not every day that a football club wins something, so when the time comes around that the club is successful enough to win a trophy of any kind then it should be celebrated to congratulate everyone within the club for their achievements.

'City fans stick with the club through thick and thin and are desperate to celebrate what has been a very successful and enjoyable season. I don't it would be that hard to fill the centre of Norwich with fans if there was a party and it would be a great day for everyone within Norwich city to come together and celebrate this great achievement.'

One issue being discussed is the selection of a suitable venue given that building work is currently being carried out at the Memorial Gardens opposite City Hall. The option of an open top bus is also being given consideration.

There are concerns that a celebration on March 9, the day after the final game of the season, could detract from Wroxham FC's game in the final of the FA Vase.

Joint majority shareholder Delia Smith last week said supporters would have a say in the decision. She said: 'I can confirm that we have had an invitation from City Hall inviting the club to a civic reception. Whether this happens or not will depend on the manager, the team and the supporters. We will comply with whatever they want.'

Council leader Steve Morphew has said he would be keen to hold a civic reception. When City won promotion to the Premiership in 2004, more than 50,000 supporters celebrated in sun-soaked streets around the city centre as an open-top bus snaked through Norwich.

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Fans have contacted the Evening News demanding a civic reception. Their comments include:

t Gill Doy: 'Yes please to a civic reception and more important an open top bus parade. Sunday 9th would be good - the day after the last match.'

t Adam Mayes: 'Make it happen, there are only a select few grumpy old men that don't want a party, I agree with Mr McNally, success doesn't come around too often so let's celebrate it!'

t Marie East: 'We Want a Canaries Party to celebrate the promotion - hopefully you'll get lots of emails and letters to make ths happen!'

t Nigel Reigate: 'I would like to add my voice to the campaign for a civic reception for Norwich City FC to celebrate their promotion and League One championship. This would be a great civic and economic boost for our city and would be even more significant in the context of Norwich's bid to become National City of Culture.

t Donna Grant: 'I really do think that Norwich City and their fellow supporters deserve a promotion party. After all the hard work from the team and (well noted) faithful and dedicated fans, they should be thanked with a promotion party.'

t Steve Copeman: 'Paul Lambert, his coaches, the players and the board deserve all the plaudits that have come their way. The whole City deserves to celebrate this promotion it's a fantastic achievement! A civic reception at the very least is needed. On the ball City!'

t Andrew Orves: 'I would just like to say that there should most definately be a civic reception for Paul Lambert and the team. It makes no difference what league we are in, we have won it and that deserves celebrating. I think it has been a fantastic achievement, and one which few would have predicted after the first game of the season!'

t Ken Mason: 'Yes, yes, yes, we're not successful enough to pass up any opportunity to celebrate. The euphoric scenes at Charlton suggested to us that most City fans realise what a huge achievement promotion has been given the circumstances. The players, management staff and fans have stuck together now we need to celebrate together. Bring it on!'

t Chris McCarthy: 'Come on you Yellows! Norwich fans, players and all deserve a promotion party. We didn't start the season too well but they turned it around. Bring on the promotion party and the Championship.'

t The Willgress household: 'Course we want a party. The club, players, supporters and everyone involved with the success should be rewarded! As Lambert would say 'you are where you are in football' so let's celebrate!'

t Mark Robertson: 'We don't win things very often, so when we do, we need to celebrate. I think it will show Lambert how much we congratulate him and want him to stay!'

t Gavin Aldridge: 'Yes we should have a civic reception. We have only won six cups in a 100 years so we should celebrate - they don't come very often.'

t Rachel Arnup: 'We should definitely have a party and a parade and all the trimmings to celebrate Norwich City's promotion. It's not often we get something to celebrate so....we want a promotion party!'