Norwich City fans brand �39 Ipswich tickets a “rip-off”

The delight of watching the Canaries beat arch-rivals Ipswich at Portman Road is an experience most fans would say money can't buy.

But now Norwich City fans are facing paying nearly �40 to watch the derby match next month – and they reckon it's a rip-off.

About 250 Canaries' fans will have to fork out the top price of �39 to watch the game in the Upper Cobbold Stand (Block E) at Portman Road on Thursday, April 21.

Most tickets available to Norwich fans, about 1,400, in the Upper Cobbold Stand visitors' area will cost �33 and about 400 tickets priced �28 are available in the Lower Cobbold Stand visitors' family area.

Norwich City charged the 2,400 Ipswich fans who attended the last derby match at Carrow Road on November 28, which City won 4-1, �33 a seat.

An Ipswich Town spokesman said the prices were standard for their category A matches, but admitted they were on average �5 more than the last time the two clubs played two years ago.

Meanwhile, Norwich supporters' groups and fans said today that the price was a 'joke', although some admitted that Norwich City away ticket prices were sometimes expensive.

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Kathy Blake, secretary of the Norwich City Independent Supporters' Association, said: '�39 does sound like a Premier League price, but the bottom line is that they know they can sell them whatever the price.'

Colin Back, who runs Kent Canaries with Neil Bradley, said: 'It's a bit much in this current climate, but I suppose Ipswich like Norwich have their overheads. But I remember paying more than that, about �40, at Crystal Palace in the Premier League a few years ago.'

Several Norwich fans also posted comments on the Pink Un website

A typical comment was: 'This is a complete rip-off, why are they so much? Are these the most expensive seats in the Championship?'

Another fan added: '...the price is a joke, we should have told them we didn't want the tickets at that price... they can't sell them to their own fans.'

And another suggested Ipswich were trying to get the Norwich fans to pay Town player, Jimmy Bullard's wages.

Another fan posted: 'Disgusting price. I wouldn't mind if it was in a decent stand but the Cobbold stand is awful. They should hang their heads in shame for this.'

But some fans were more considerate with one adding: 'Don't blame Ipswich at all for this. This is the one game of their season that they know they will sell out their ground, and they know people will pay.'

And another fan added: 'Yes Ipswich are ripping us off, but NCFC are just as guilty of overcharging away fans.'

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