Norwich City captain clamped at Carrow Road

Norwich City captain Grant Holt had a surprise at Carrow Road this morning when he found his car had been clamped.

The star striker revealed on Twitter that his car had been clamped just hours after being a part of the side that had lost to Tottenham Hotspur.

Just after 11am Holt tweeted: 'Just came to pick up the car and been clamped at carrow road(sic) what is going on. Not very happy.'

His tweet, which went out to his 8,903 followers, was picked up by Norwich fans with many quick to comment.

Among them was James Finbow who said: 'if anyone is 'unclampable' in Norwich it should be you Holty!!'

Fellow season ticket holder James Barnes suggested that there might even be a new chant for the fans to sing at Carrow Road this Saturday when the Canaries take on Fulham.

He said: 'We clamped our captain, we're norwich city we clamped our captain. Listen for it on sat (sic)'.

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It also created another addition to the cult of tweeting so called Grant Holt facts - usually a superhuman achievement that it is claimed the Norwich striker can do.

Captain Pugwalsh tweeted: 'Grant Holt stares at clamp, clamp falls apart. #grantholtfacts'.

However, the problem was resolved as just four minutes later Holt posted another message which said: 'All sorted it's off just before the rain. No charge thank god.'