Norwich chicks bare all for charity calendar

Their bare cheeks will introduce the dawning of each new month next year in aid of charity. Emma Harrowing meets the Norwich calendar girls who go by the name of the Barefaced Chicks.

If it was good enough for the WI it is good enough for the NorRace Chicks, a group of women who came together thanks to their love of running.

And just like the WI bared all posing nude for a charity calendar which became a media sensation resulting in the play and film The Calendar Girls, next year each woman in this brave team from Norwich will become a girl for each season as the NorRace Chicks become the Barefaced Chicks in a charity calendar to raise money for Break.

It all began when mother of two Annie Joyce, 40, from Wymondham, won a place on the London Marathon next year despite never having run a marathon before.

'Not only am I running in the London Marathon to raise money for the charity Break I decided that to make more money I would try and run 26 miles in bare feet,' says Annie.

'Thanks to the power of Twitter I had met the NorRace Chicks and all of a sudden we decided to do a naked calendar to raise more money before the race.'

The calendar is on sale now and sees all 12 women baring all apart from a pair of shoes.

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The shoot took place in Imagine Spa in Blofield and local companies have each sponsored a page on the calendar, which was initially meant to cover printing and production costs, but as the photographers and printers provided their services free of charge, this meant that all of the sponsorship went directly to Break.

So who are Norwich's Calendar Girls? I caught up with eight of the 12 who were at the calendar's launch last week.

Why are you baring all for this calendar?

Amy Vincent, Norwich University College of the Arts graduate is Miss May alongside her mother Elaine Vincent: 'Why not! It's for charity and it was a laugh - in fact I don't think I've shown enough in the calendar!'

Elaine Vincent, PA from Norwich: 'I'm baring all to support a great local charity and to contribute to an audacious fundraising effort by a group of lovely chicks who have become my friends.'

Kerry Davis, organiser of fitting occupational therapy equipment and volunteer Guide Leader, is Miss November: 'I always say I'll do anything for charity, last time I jumped out of a plane at 12,000ft for Break, now I'm naked.'

What was the most challenging part of making this calendar?

Amy Vincent: 'I have always had insecurities in the way I look, but knowing that I would be among an amazing group of women, who are all my friends, inspired me to get my kit off for charity. Taking part in the calendar has definitely given me more confidence and I am so proud of all the talented ladies who have joined me in this!'

Dalia Blake, owner of Norfolk Brides Wedding Directory and Norfolk Wedding Events - and Miss November with Kerry: 'Just when we started to have photos taken this delivery van had pulled up just outside the kitchen window and the driver was in disbelief! I could see him walking past with a smirk and that's when the reality hit me – people will actually see me half naked! Freaked me out a little.'

Sarah Gray from Norwich is Miss July: 'The most challenging part was managing my nerves on the day and not allowing myself to drop out of the shoot. Once I was surrounded by the chicks they quickly put me at ease.'

Elaine Vincent: 'The most challenging part for me was anticipating how it would be received by my family, friends and work colleagues, but apart from some gentle ribbing, they've all been very supportive. Even my mum says she'll buy one.

Kerry Davis: 'Overcoming issues with my self-confidence. I realised that all the bits I was nervous about were what others admired me for and vice versa for them.'

What shoes were you wearing for the shoot?

Kerry Davis: 'The heels I bought for my 30th birthday, after ten minutes in them, I remembered why I had never worn them again!'

Dawn Hopkins, owner of Norwich Bear Brewing Co, and owner and landlady of The Ketts Tavern and The Rose Inn. Dawn is Miss October: 'I was wearing hiking boots and trying to ignore how I feel about my body to be able to get naked!'

Emily Barclay from Norwich was Miss February: 'I was wearing my beloved ski boots.'

Sarah Gray: 'I am wearing flippers as my picture was taken in the hydrotherapy pool at Imagine Spa.'

Is there any behind the scenes gossip?

Elaine Vincent: 'I was ill on the day of the shoot and woke up with very swollen eyes. I had to spend 20 minutes with an ice pack on my eyes before I could leave the house. I still look a bit puffy in the shot, but I don't think anyone will be looking too closely at my face!'

Kerry Davis: 'The funniest quote of the photo shoot was a frustrated chick mumbling 'I don't normally put my knickers on over my wellies!''

Dawn Hopkins: 'I have plenty of anecdotes about the shoot but not many of them are printable, but I shall say that naked women, feather boas and steam rooms can be quite entertaining!'

The other women in the calendar are: Andr�e Byron, Annie Joyce, Jennifer Nicholls, Megan Stephenson, Sarah Daniels and of course Annie Joyce. The calendar is on sale now from The Kett's Tavern, The Rose, The Window Coffee, Picturebox on Norwich Market, Imagine Spa in Blofield, Disney's Deli and Diva in Wymondham, as well as online at The calendars are priced �8.