Norwich charity shop targeted by crooks

A charity has revealed how it has been hit by a spate of thefts from its fundraising shops.

The RSPCA Norwich and Mid-Norfolk branch has had several items stolen from its charity shops, with a recent spate of donated goods going missing at its Queen's Road shop in Norwich.

The majority of the items in the shops are donated goods from the charity's supporters and are reasonably priced.

Sallie Watkins, manager of the Norwich shop, said: 'It is just unbelievable that people would choose to steal from a charity shop.

'Just the other day, someone had taken a hand grip which we were selling for �1, but they still decided to steal it.

'We know that we are not the only charity which is victim to shoplifters, but it disgusts me that people would sink so low as to steal from the RSPCA or any other charity.'

Other items recently taken include a Parker pen set, priced at �3, and computer game discs have been taken from their cases.

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Ms Watkins said: 'You often find empty hangers where there were clothes and you can't remember selling them.

'But when you have something in a box, like video games, and it has gone from the box, then you know things are being stolen.

'I think all the charity shops have the same problem, Relate next door say they have things go missing.'

The animal charity also delivers donation bags to homes in Norwich, and supporters leave items in the bags on their doorsteps on a certain day to the be picked up.

However, recently some of the bags have been stolen before they could be picked up by the charity's delivery driver.

Ms Watkins said: 'All the money raised from the shops goes to the local Paws centre in Barrack Street and helps animals in Norfolk and Norwich.'

The RSPCA Norwich and Mid-Norfolk Branch has five charity shops in Attleborough, Cromer, Norwich, Watton and Wymondham.

The charity is always appealing for donations to sell in their shops, and items can be dropped in at any of the shops.

You can find more information about the shops by logging on to

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