'Special cat' Spud reunites with owners in Spain after three years apart

Spud the cat reunited with Alison and Darren Taylor

Alison Taylor has enjoyed many hugs with Spud after he went missing from their Queen's Hill home in 2017. He has now joined the family in Spain. - Credit: Alison Taylor

A cat owner has enjoyed a special Easter treat after being reunited with her cat that went missing more than three years ago.

Spud, the black and white cat, went missing from his home in Wilderness Road, Queen's Hill, in August 2017.

He was found last month more than only two miles down the road from his old home, having wandered into a trap set for another cat.

After restarting treatments and receiving his rabies vaccine, Spud had to wait 21 days before he could travel, leaving the UK on April 3 via Eurostar and road. 

His owners Alison and Darren Taylor had to experience an emotional reunion virtually as they have since moved to Spain, but on Easter Sunday were finally able to hold their "special cat" once more.

Mrs Taylor said: "He found his way under the bed, to lay in the company of his old buddy Mahpiya.

"We have had both headbutts and purrs. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

"He is already back to being a huge part of our family. It's amazing that after all this time, his personality is still exactly the same as it was before. His adventures seem not to have tainted him. He really is a very special cat."