Norwich cafe provides gateway for deaf people

An internet cafe designed to meet the needs of deaf people has opened in the city.

Talking Hands British Sign Language Internet Cafe officially opened in the Deaf Centre at Johnson Place, near Chapel Field Road, Norwich, on Thursday.

The internet cafe for deaf people is the first of its kind in the region and was opened by BBC Look East's weather presenter Alex Dolan, pictured above with Lara Scott, 11, and Jean Wise.

Sue Moore, manager of Deaf Connexions, which runs the centre, said: 'The internet cafe will provide a place where deaf people can come and socialise have a cup of coffee and a chat with other deaf people, but it will also provide access to the internet so deaf people can find out information, access services, link with other deaf clubs and deaf people worldwide.

'Having access to the internet will be a tremendous support for deaf people. You don't need to hear or speak to use the internet, so for some deaf people this will be a whole new accessible gateway to the world.'

The centre will be open from 10am to 3pm. photo: denise bradley