Norwich business owners hit out over Unthank Road roadworks

Business owners have hit out after roadworks returned to Unthank Road – and there are more delays to come.

Jean Dunn, who runs the caf� The Unthank Kitchen, and Adrian Humphries, who runs bespoke kitchen firm The Annex, have complained to the city council after they turned up for work last Monday to find work being done on the path outside their businesses.

Mrs Dunn is upset because she feels the road has been the subject of 'constant road works' which are causing her and fellow businesspeople to lose money.

She said: 'I turned up to work to find them digging up the pavement.

'It is a big issue. I know work has to be done but I don't think it needs to be done as regularly as it is.'

Mrs Dunn was particularly concerned because she had no warning of this work.

She said: 'A lot of businesses are very unhappy. There is so much disruption and lost income.'

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Mr Humphries said his forecourt was shut off for the week. He said he had been given no notice, which meant he had to cancel deliveries and saw his trade dramatically fall.

He said: 'To be honest it's been going on for so long it is just ridiculous. It is like trading with your hands tied behind your back.'

Mrs Dunn said in 2007 a traffic calming scheme that was due to take four to six weeks took eight months, while in December 2010 the caf� suffered from dust, dirt and noise from road works outside. Next month, resurfacing work is due to take place.

Mrs Dunn said: 'Just six weeks ago I had the outside of the cafe painted and a new canopy fitted, at great expense. I dread to think what it will look like after the resurfacing in July.'

Council spokeswoman Amy Lyall said: 'We are currently doing some minor work to the kerb along Unthank Road. This has to be completed before the road undergoes essential resurfacing work.

'Norwich City Council has a responsibility to maintain roads in the city for public safety. Worn roads, especially heavily-used roads like Unthank Road, can become dangerous and must be resurfaced regularly to ensure they remain in good condition.

'We will be carrying out essential resurfacing between Trinity Street and Mount Pleasant, beginning on July 11 and lasting approximately five days.

'The road will be closed to through traffic, allowing the resurfacing to take place as quickly and safely as possible. All businesses in the area will be open as usual. Diversion routes will be via Colman Road and Earlham Road.

'We apologise for any inconvenience while we carry out this essential safety work.'

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