This is what the people of Norwich make of May’s Brexit deal

Ritchie Suffling (left) and Paul Cromer (right) gave their opinions on the Brexit deal. Photo: Chloe

Ritchie Suffling (left) and Paul Cromer (right) gave their opinions on the Brexit deal. Photo: Chloe Tucker - Credit: Archant

This week is crunch time for Prime Minister Theresa May as this week she attempts to persuade the Houses of Parliament to back her Brexit deal. This is what the people of Norwich think.

Sam Edwards, 52, Bacton.

Edwards said she would ideally like a hard Brexit however admits that it is 'getting very very complicated.' Whilst she wants to 'get out of the EU' she says that it is not about economic reasons but 'getting our boarders back.' She concludes that the difficulties Britain has experienced exiting the EU show the 'control the EU has over us.'

Ritchie Suffling, 31, from Norwich.

'I don't think we should leave. I think the people who voted were blind. I read articles saying that the question 'what is Brexit' was the top Google search the day after the referendum.' Mr Suffling believes that the 'real working class were scare mongered into voting for Brexit but they will be the most affected.' Suffling predicts an increase in food banks after exiting the EU.

Paul Comer, 85, from Norwich.

Mr Comer thinks 'it's a load of rubbish' and that 'we should leave things as they are.' He sympathises with Theresa May and thinks that she has 'done a fantastic job.' With regards to May's Brexit deal he thinks we should 'make the best of what we got.' He concluded that he would like to see an end to Brexit as 'they've been on and on about it for so long it drives you crazy.'

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Steven Anderson, 59, from Great Yarmouth.

'I'd rather come straight out. I'm sure we'd find a way to carry on. They shouldn't have given us a vote in the first place if they don't trust us.' Mr Anderson doesn't think that the deal Theresa May has negotiated so far is 'a good deal' and thinks that we 'might as well come out and do our own deals with other countries'.

Sue Hull, 56, from Norwich.

'I voted to stay in the EU but I accept the vote.' She thinks that Theresa May has 'done the best she can do in the circumstances' and 'feels for the poor woman.' She thinks that the deal May has negotiated is 'better than no deal' and that Britain 'needs a deal with the EU for businesses.'