Norwich ‘blizzard’ couple celebrate diamond wedding anniversary

They met while working at a bakery more than 60 years ago and now Norwich couple Ivor and Betty Tracey are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

Mrs Tracey, 80, said: 'I met my husband on the first day I went to work.

'We were working at a bakery at the top of Queens Road, in Norwich, called Chattens Cake Shop which is now Hardy's. I was a shop assistant and he was a pastry cook.'

Mr Tracey, 84, then served in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy for two years as a mechanic, and it was when he left the Royal Navy in 1947 that Mr and Mrs Tracey got together.

They wed on March 24 1951.

Mrs Tracey said: 'We married in a blizzard at St Peter Mancroft. It was Easter Saturday.

'The reception was at Stuart Hall, opposite St Andrew's Hall, and we went off to London for our honeymoon.'

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The couple, who recently moved to Marlborough Court, in Sprowston, had lived in Violet Road, off Silver Road, since 1966.

They have two children, Ian and Jeanette, five grandchildren, Ashleigh, Spencer, Callum, Kimberley and Liam, and two great-grandchildren, Mackenzie and Jayden.

Mr Tracey was a toy manager for Pilch in Surrey Street and when that closed he became a rep for the sports shop Pilch.

Mrs Tracey was a waitress in the directors' dining room at Norwich Union for 17 years.

The couple said their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were the highlights of their 60 years of marriage.

They have also enjoyed lots of holiday together including to Bulgaria, America and Italy. They said the secret to a successful marriage was always being there for each other and making the most your time together.

'We are both very happy together,' Mr Tracey said.

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