Norwich bands Lady Di and Mega Emotion to release joint album

Norwich band Lady Di have are set to release a split album with Mega Emotion. Picture: Clive Andrews

Norwich band Lady Di have are set to release a split album with Mega Emotion. Picture: Clive Andrews - Credit: Clive Andrews

Norwich bands Lady Di and Mega Emotion are set to release a joint album this month.

Set for release on September 18, the record is called Move, Motherf****r/I Know You Know I’m Perfect in the form of a split vinyl release.

This will be a debut release for both bands, comprised of Lisa Horton, Jan Robertson and Iain Ross, which had an original release date of April.

“Our joint Lady Di/Mega Emotion album was meant to be released at the start of April along with launch gigs in Norwich and London and a mini UK tour,” explains Mega Emotions’ and Lady Di’s Jan Robertson.

“As the country stumbled towards lockdown, it was clear that this wasn’t going to happen, so we put the album release on hold. We were totally gutted, but when the world’s turned upside down and people are seriously ill, we figured that the musical outpourings of three friends could wait a while.”

“It will be amazing to get the record out there in shops, especially as it’s a hot pink vinyl, as well as released for streaming and downloads,” adds Lisa Horton.

The tracks for both albums were recorded by Magoo’s Owen Turner at Sickroom Studios in Norfolk.

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“We recorded Mega Emotion’s Move Motherf****r in the depths of winter. It was freezing cold and very bleak in the studio,” explains Robertson.

“Then we recorded Lady Di’s I Know You Know I’m Perfect in the middle of summer, drinking beers and hanging by the pool in flannel shirts. The difference in the weather is a very obvious but absolutely true metaphor for the contrasts between the bands. You can hear rain and thunder and snow on the Mega Emotion tracks, and blazing sun on Lady Di.”

Although it is not always immediately apparent, given their disparate sounds and influences, Mega Emotion and Lady Di are actually alter-egos - two very different bands made up of exactly the same personnel.

Mega Emotion are a ‘robe-wearing cult that formed after an apocalypse failed’. They build on dense layers of sound that loop both live and electronic drums against synths and guitars.

They’ve won Steve Lamacq’s roundtable, been playlisted across BBC 6Music and supported the likes of Acid Mothers Temple, Shonen Knife, Thumpers and Lonelady, comparing their sound to Metronomy, New Order, The Knife and Battles.

Lady Di, on the other hand, play ‘grungy dumb-ass punk’, inspired by the likes of The Breeders, Urusei Yatsura and The Lemonheads.

“We’re a musical Sliding Doors,” explains Iain Ross.

“We’ve slipped into two different parallel universes. Both bands are Gwyneth Paltrow, but with either punk hair (black) or techno hair (blonde). We started Mega Emotion first – but it’s very electronic and we missed the simplicity of an indie punk show. So we started another band, swapped instruments, and called it Lady Di.”

Mega Emotion the trio bring psychedelic stage-wear and icy electro-pop to the table, whereas in their guise as Lady Di they offer up quite the opposite: plaid shirts, drunk summer nights and melodic grunge punk.

- Motherf****r/I Know You Know I’m Perfect will be available from September 18 on all digital platforms

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