Norwich B&B aims to book a place as TV show’s top venue

Five-star Norwich B&B, 38 St Giles, has featured in a Come Dine With Me style Channel 4 series –and tonight will be the final reckoning.

Four in a Bed is the name of the show that sees four contrasting sets of B&B owners compete to see who provides the best value for money.

And the judges are the B&B owners themselves, who each spend a night in the other's establishments, pass judgement and then decide how much to pay, depending on what they believe their stay has been worth.

The Norwich B&B, owned and run by Jan and William Cheeseman, was featured on Tuesday.

Mr Cheeseman says he enjoyed the experience, even if he cannot bare to watch.

'I was very nervous that we were going to come across as monsters,' he said, 'but by all accounts we came off rather well.

'We are monsters. They edited it sympathetically, but the way we interact with each other – we're quite passionate and emotionally involved – can be quite heated. I didn't want to watch it. If I was a monster I don't want to see it.

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'On the last judgement day things got a bit heated. The businesses are small and personal. It's difficult to separate yourself. When you get criticism you can take it quite personally, but it was all constructive.'

Tonight's show will see the verdicts on each others' B&Bs and on what to pay.

The Four in a Bed website details kitchen meltdowns for Mr and Mrs Cheeseman and difficulties with glamorous Russian, Galia, owner of one of the competitors – Hastings B&B.

But Mr Cheeseman, who has owned delis and cafes in Norwich, is keeping his cards close to his chest. 'They probably said nasty things,' he said.

'But we were less inclined to be harsh as we went along because we were all getting along so well.In the show it may not seem that way, there was professional rivalry, but good humoured.

'The show casts people as different characters, the villain and the idiot and so on, but they were all really nice, I don't know what I was cast as!

'It's hard work running a B&B, you're on duty 18 hours a day, so it was great to go away and be in a different work environment, with cameras and TV crew, and it's nice to see what other B&Bs do.

'It's good publicity for the B&B, I hope! On the day our episode was aired we got a month's worth of hits on our website.'

Four in a Bed is on Channel 4 5pm tonight.