Norwich Arts Centre launch their Get the Toilets Done campaign

Norwich Arts Centre have launched their Get the Toilets Done campaign. Picture: Liam Clark

Norwich Arts Centre have launched their Get the Toilets Done campaign. Picture: Liam Clark - Credit: Liam Clark

Norwich Arts Centre (NAC) have just launched their Get the Toilets Done campaign.

The work is part of the regeneration project to transform the venue's accessibility and carbon footprint which began after they were awarded £499,000 by Arts Council England in October 2018.

The campaign artwork is done by NUA graduate Liam Clark who was recently described in The Guardian as 'Political and funny'. The campaign is a tongue and cheek take on the Brexit slogan with a Boris Johnson sketch asking you to 'unleash the art centre's potential' and donate towards the regeneration campaign.

To coincide with their 40th anniversary in 2020, NAC launched their 40/40 campaign to raise the £40k they needed to receive a £499,000 grant from Arts Council England. Last year they successfully raised £25k which saw the completion of the first phase of their refurbishment during the summer of 2019. Work included installing a new lighting rig and PA in the hall, refurbishing the bar, restoring all of the original parquet flooring and incorporating a pop-up bar and seating area in the foyer.

This year they need to match fund the remaining £15k to ensure that they receive the full grant and can complete the second phase of work which will focus on the toilets.

Plans are to completely refurbish the women's, men's and accessible toilet as well as designing a brand new gender neutral toilet which are due to open in September 2020.

'Our toilets have upset me for the last 6 years now so if we can get them finished off in time for our 40th celebrations that would be amazing! Please help us get there and remember the next time you're in and you spend a penny, donate a pound. It's time to get the toilets done,' says Pasco Kevlin, NAC Director.

- If you want to help NAC reach their target you can donate towards their 40/40 toilet campaign via their website

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