Artist swaps pencils for wellies to create stunning mermaid from snow

A snowman as a mermaid

The stunning snowmaid - a mermaid snowman - created by artist Devin Smith - Credit: DEVIN SMITH

From snowball fights to snowman building, the recent flurry of cold weather has brought with it some much-needed relief from lockdown blues - including for artist Devin Smith.   

When the 27-year-old, originally of Heartsease, woke to see inches of the white stuff outside her home near Norwich, she felt inspired to join in with some winter fun. 

Devin Smith, and her boyfriend Mike Fisher, with snow sculptures behind them

Devin Smith, and her boyfriend Mike Fisher, have created unique sculptures using the snow - Credit: DEVIN SMITH

“I decided it was time to put down the pencils and put on my wellies,” she said. 

A fine art graduate of Norwich University of the Arts, Miss Smith brought to life an icy mermaid, while her boyfriend, Mike Fisher, 31, created an unusual cyclops and snow archway. 

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Although not an artist himself, Miss Smith said she was happy to be on hand to help with lots of encouragement during the freezing, day-long project. 

Snowmaid through an icy archway

Snowmaid through an icy archway - Credit: DEVIN SMITH

She added: “The snow was really fluffy and it was hard to mould but when we managed to make a big snowball, I was able to mould the snow around it. 

“I didn’t intentionally plan on creating a mermaid but when it began to take on that shape, I just went with it. 

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“I used my hands and a saw, and I had to keep running indoors to warm my hands up under some warm water. 

“It was nice to have some fun in the snow.” 

A snowman mermaid

Snowmaid created by artist Devin Smith - Credit: DEVIN SMITH

Miss Smith, who is currently working from home on part-time furlough, said the lockdown had allowed her to take on new commissions of artwork. She is usually found creating realistic portraits and drawings but said it was nice to do something different for a day. 

The couple have also received comments from friendly passers-by, who have good-naturedly called them “show-offs” while admiring their handiwork. 

Snowmaid with an icy archway and a cyclops in the background

Snowmaid with an icy archway and a cyclops in the background - Credit: DEVIN SMITH

Miss Smith’s artwork can be found on Instagram @devinsmithart.