WATCH: Animation film addressees homelessness in Norwich

A Norwich-based animation studio, Cut the Mustard, has made a short film for homeless charity St Martins.

A Norwich-based animation studio, Cut The Mustard, has made a short film for homeless charity St Martins. - Credit: Cut The Mustard

A Norwich-based animation studio has made a short film challenging homeless stereotypes for a charity.

The aim of the film produced by Cut The Mustard, which was set up by former Norwich University of the Arts students, is to unpick misconceptions about rough sleepers in Norwich.

It also seeks to raise money for homelessness charity St Martins.

Liam Gilbey, who runs the company, said: "From our perspective one of the biggest issues in the city centre is homelessness.

"We really wanted to do our bit to raise awareness around rough sleepers. We also wanted to bust prejudices and give people information on how they can help."

"The collaboration with St Martins came out of the blue, like all the best collaborations, and we hope the film raises lots of donations for them."

The short film is split up into five different sections, with followers on social media asked to contribute to aspects of the design. 

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The team ran competitions, polls and questions and answers online to help shape the characters, background design and colours.

Mr Gilbey said: "We did fear that having different input from the public would mean the film would end up a little shambled, but it has ended up really nice and fits well together.

"The film goes through a bunch of styles and characters and has turned out really unique - and that is all because of the viewers."

Dr Jan Sheldon, chief executive of St Martins, said: "So many people have preconceived ideas about what leads to homelessness and we are committed to sharing information in a wide variety of forms which help people to understand why people end up on the streets.

"We also want people to understand the impact sleeping rough has on people and how small actions can make a difference. It is never a life ambition to end up sleeping rough.

"Working collaboratively with local, talented people helps us to share information; we always welcome this and thank Cut the Mustard for their support."

To donate to St Martins click here