Norfolk Walk: Postwick

Norfolk Walk: Postwick

Norfolk Walk: Postwick - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2002

This walk is 10 miles, with optional medium (8 mile) or short (6 mile) walks, and uses footpaths, tracks and quiet lanes. It takes in interesting churches at Postwick, Little Plumstead and at Witton.


Start: Postwick Village Hall

Map: Explorer OL40 G/R TG298078

Distance: 10 miles (or 8 miles or 6 miles)

Public Transport: There are buses and trains that join the walk in Brundall.

Timetables: 0871 2002233,

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This walk from Richard and Sally Parker is 10 miles, with optional medium (8 mile) or short (6 mile) walks, and uses footpaths, tracks and quiet lanes.

There are interesting churches at Postwick, at Little Plumstead on the longer routes and at Witton on the shorter routes. St Gervase and St Protase, Little Plumstead, is the only church in England dedicated to these twin saints. The walk starts from the village hall in Postwick (alternatively bus to Cucumber Lane, Brundall, or train to Brundall Gardens).

? From the car park turn right along Ferry Lane. Just beyond the left bend, enter the track beside the five-bar gate into the woodlands. Follow this track through Water Deer Wood. At the path junction, take the left-hand path. At the single track road, turn right. Turn left at the barrier across the road and follow the path round the trees to the footbridge over the railway line to Brundall Gardens Station. Walk up West End Avenue then go right along Laurel Drive to Postwick Lane. Turn right then left into Holmesdale Road.

? Continue to the junction with Cucumber Lane. Turn left then, after 50m, turn right down a footpath. Continue to the end of a cul-de-sac (Page Road) and turn left into St Clements Way, then right into St Laurence Avenue. Turn left into Brigham Close and take the footpath at its end into Lackford Close. At its next junction turn left for 50m then turn right into a cut-through to Grovebury Close. Continue round the bend to the left then turn up the close on the right. At the end of the close, turn left along a public footpath for half a mile to Yarmouth Road.

? LONG WALK — Turn right and walk along the grass verge then, opposite the garage, cross over to the pavement. Continue up the hill to the 'Blofield' sign and turn left into the footpath alongside a hedge. At the hedge-end, cross the open field diagonally left. Climb the stile and down steps to the main road (A47). Carefully cross the road and climb steps on the far side. Then go across a small meadow and straight on into the drive ahead. Go up the drive of Red House (painted white) and turn right before the house up a tree-lined track, then left uphill with the house on the left. At the field, the path continues slightly rightwards, heading beside some trees and towards the left of a white house. Turn left up Holly Lane and left again at the first junction to reach Shack Lane. Turn right up to Hall Road. Go left then take the footpath on the right (beside a red letter box). Follow this path to steps onto Blofield Corner Road. Turn left and follow this road rightwards past Park Lane to its end. Turn left along Post Office Road and go over the crossroads into Sandhole Lane. At the bend, turn left into a footpath and follow it to Hospital Road (where the medium walk joins).

? SHORT/MEDIUM WALKS — Turn left along Yarmouth Road and right into the petrol station. Proceed ahead to the stile beside the A47 noting the footpath directly opposite across the dual carriageway. The best way to get to that point is to turn left beside the dual carriageway and cross over to the central reservation at the roundabout, then cross the other lane of the A47 and turn right to the footpath. Cross the field diagonally left, towards the large tree in the field corner. Pass through the hedge and, keeping the field on the right, follow the hedge to a point level with Witton Lodge, where the path crosses the corner of the field towards St Margaret's Church, Witton. By a marker post, enter the churchyard and go through it into Witton Lane (for the short walk, see below). Otherwise turn right and continue to School Road. Turn left past the school and continue to the junction with Salhouse Road. Look diagonally right for a gap in the hedge leading into a footpath. Turn left along the path and, where it ends, turn left into Hospital Road.

? MEDIUM/LONG WALKS — Turn right along Hospital Road, passing the gate to Little Plumstead Church. Continue to the junction and keep ahead into Broad Lane. Cross a footbridge on the left and follow the field edge as it turns right and then left. Shortly turn right beside a hedge, heading towards the house on the horizon. At the lane turn left and then right beside the house into another footpath. Follow the path to the open field, and then go diagonally left to a hedge gap into Middle Road. Turn right then, just after Toad Lane, take the footpath on the left. Follow the path to Low Road. Turn right and then left into a track. At the end of the track turn left along Smee Lane and continue to a finger post behind a hedge on the right (where the short walk joins).

? SHORT WALK — Turn left along Witton Lane which bends right past Hall Road and Mill Lane. Cross rightwards over Church Road into Smee Lane. Continue to a finger post behind a hedge on the left (joining the other walks here).

? ALL WALKS — From the finger post follow the path to steps that lead up to the A47. Carefully cross the road to the steps down on the far side. Turn left then right into Church Road. Keep ahead at the junction. Turn left at the grassy traffic island near Postwick Church back to the village hall.


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