Norfolk Walk: Newton St Faith, Horsham St Faith and Horsford

Norfolk Walk: Newton St Faith, Horsham St Faith and Horsford

Norfolk Walk: Newton St Faith, Horsham St Faith and Horsford - Credit: Archant

Although this walk is on the outskirts of Norwich the countryside is calm and peaceful. The only intrusions are the crossing of the busy A140 main road and the odd airplane coming in to land at nearby Norwich Airport.


Start: At the St Faith Centre, Manor Road, Newton St Faith

Map: Explorer 238 G/R TG 218164

Distance: 5.75 miles

Public Transport: Newton St Faith is on a bus route from Norwich

Timetables: 0871 2002233,

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Although this walk is on the outskirts of Norwich the countryside is calm and peaceful. The only intrusions are the crossing of the busy A140 main road and the odd airplane coming in to land at nearby Norwich Airport.

The name St Faith is taken from the Benedictine Priory of St Faith, built just after the Norman Conquest by Robert Fitz-Walter.

St Mary and St Andrew's Church, Horsham St Faith, stands in front of what is left of the priory, now part of a private house. The church has many special medieval treasures including the saints painted on the rood screen and pulpit, and the Jacobean font cover. The church is now used by both Anglicans and Methodists, and they have shared services.

There was a 12th century motte and bailey castle at Horsford but only the moated earthworks now remain. All Saints Church, Horsford, dating from the 13th century, is well cared for but not much that is medieval remains in this little thatched building. Look for the lovely window in memory of three sisters who died in 1891, 1892 and 1893.

For refreshment, the Black Swan public house in Horsham St Faith is passed on the walk as is Elm Farm Country House restaurant (in a building dating from 1604).

? Turn left out of the car park and then cross the road when the pavement starts on the other side and continue in the same direction. Go past the village sign and follow the road as it bends right (Newton Street). Continue past the shop and then turn right beside a bungalow named 'Pour Piece' into a wide track: it is signed just a little way into the track. Follow the track past Middle Farm House and turn right just before the renovated barn. Then bear left, following the track between mature trees.

? On reaching two gates, go beside the one on the right and then keep right at the crossing path. Follow this little winding path through a gateway and over the River Hor, then past a fingerpost and on past the dwellings. Continue ahead when the track becomes metalled. At the junction with Meadow Farm Lane, turn right. Go along the lane, ignoring turnings on the right and left. Eventually go past the Black Swan public house to the crossing road (Norwich Road).

? Cross the road and turn left along the pavement. Continue to the junction by Elm Farm with a bus shelter on an island on the left. Ignore the turnings on the left and keep right past St Mary and St Andrew's Church. Continue on past the gate on the right to St Faith's Priory and on past Abbey Farm Industrial Estate. Continue on the grass verge to the main road (A140). Carefully cross the busy road and go leftwards into Church Street. Follow this sometimes busy lane for about three-quarters of a mile. However, for those wishing to explore further, after a quarter of a mile, look out for a signed tree-lined track on the right: this goes down to the site of Horsford Castle: then return to the lane to continue the walk.

? Immediately before reaching Horsford Church, turn right beside the church wall into the drive of the Old Vicarage, which is a public footpath (signed). Immediately before the vicarage gates, turn right on a narrow signed path. Follow the path between the old vicarage and houses. On reaching a track, beside the car park of the guest house, go leftwards. Then go through a ramblers' gate beside the farm gate (ignoring another ramblers' gate on the left) and go diagonally right across the field to a wooden footbridge. Cross the bridge and, in this field, go diagonally right to the stile. Cross the stile and go left beside the hedge to a crossing track. Turn right along the track, then bend left with the track between fields past a blue post to a fingerpost and go right towards the wood.

? Continue into the wood (Black Park) on the narrow path. Then go left at the fingerpost and continue on the delightful path with a bank on the right through the wood. Then bend right following an arrow on a tree, step over a tree trunk and then go through barriers into a meadow and slightly rightwards to a brick bridge. Cross and go through a wooden kissing gate and ahead following the path across a rather boggy meadow.

? Leave the boggy area and go diagonally across the field to a single tree at the corner of a large block of woodland with a farmhouse well over to the left. Continue along a track beside the woodland (The Wilderness). On reaching the main road (A140), cross carefully and go leftwards over the grass verge and through to the quieter road beside the bus shelter and to a telephone box. Turn right and keep ahead back along the road (Manor Road) to the St Faiths Centre.


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The Norwich Group has been established for more than 35 years and was the first group in the Norfolk Area of the Ramblers Association.

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