Norfolk twins pass driving test on same day

Stephen PullingerIdentical twins Hope and Briony Westgate, 17, borrow each other's clothes, share their hobbies of dancing and kayaking and have the same friends - now they have passed their driving tests on the same day.Stephen Pullinger

They achieved uncannily similar GCSE results and are taking an identical set of A level subjects with a view to going to the same university.

Identical twins Hope and Briony Westgate, 17, borrow each other's clothes, share their hobbies of dancing and kayaking and have the same friends.

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So it was almost inevitable that when they took their driving tests in the same week - after having the same number of lessons - they both passed first time and scored the same marks in the theory test.

The sisters, who live in Blackford Close, Brundall, with their parents Richard and Debbie, both experienced driving test nerves but were not too surprised to score the same results.

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Briony admitted: 'We do get very similar results in exams. I got five A* grades and 5As for my GCSEs and Hope got six A* grades and four As.'

She said they were both now taking A levels in maths, psychology and sociology and were planning to go to the same university, yet to be decided, to study psychology.

Hope said: 'There was a bit of pressure on me to pass after Briony had already, but I was fairly confident that I could do it. It would have been difficult for our family if one of us had passed and not the other, but thankfully we can now celebrate together.'

Driving instructor Matthew McGrotty, of Wymondham, said the girls' looks were so similar it was difficult initially to tell who was who.

He said: 'They were so similar it was really strange. Everything about their driving was the same. They both hated Heartsease roundabout and they were both uneasy about reversing round a corner.

'They learned at the same pace and if they had a bad day they would blame it on something like they were wearing each other's shoes. I was really pleased when they passed first time.'

The twins, who go to Thorpe St Andrew School, are now planning to take the Pass Plus course to give new drivers further experience, covering such things as motorway driving and adverse weather conditions.

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