Norfolk tots join in singing world record bid

Tots across Norfolk may have landed themselves in the record books after taking part in a nationwide singing challenge.

Local children were among thousands in the UK attempting to break the world record for the most people singing the song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

The effort, which was synchronised at 11am on Tuesday, was part of the I CAN charity's Chatterbox Challenge which aims to support children with speech and language difficulties.

Children repeated the song for a full five minutes under the watchful eye of official adjudicators who checked numbers and verified timings.

By the afternoon charity representatives said they were feeling hopeful that at least 11,000 youngsters had taken part, smashing the current record which stands at 1,462.

Rebecca Winterbotham, speech and language therapist at Seagulls, SureStart Children's Centre in Gorleston, said 46 children added to the national total there by joining in.

'All of them were watching and having a good go. Even if they couldn't quite get it the first time round, they were all joining in by the end,' she said.

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At Great Yarmouth Library the multi-tasking workout was completed by 50 children, while pupils at Shrublands Pre-School and Wroughton Infants in Gorleston also did their bit.

Another 60 youngsters joined in at the Pavilion Pre-School Nursery, in Attleborough, where they also sold cakes to parents in a bid to raise funds for I CAN.