Norfolk teenager's kidnap ordeal

Dan GrimmerA teenage girl was subjected to a 'terrifying ordeal' when she was kidnapped by three men.Igho Okenarhe , Christian Eshalomi and Aaron Davis were all jailed after appearing at Norwich Crown Court yesterday .Dan Grimmer

A teenage girl was subjected to a 'terrifying ordeal' when she was kidnapped by three men.

Igho Okenarhe , Christian Eshalomi and Aaron Davis were all jailed after appearing at Norwich Crown Court yesterday .

The court heard how the men were part of a south-east London gang who barged into the girl's home in Thorpe Marriott on July 20 last year, threatened her and then bundled her into the back of a car which was later intercepted by police.

Ian James, prosecuting told the court how the victim became friends with Okenarhe 'some time in 2007' when she was just 16.

She had become homeless for a short period of time and moved in with the defendant before moving into her own flat in Thorpe Marriott in January 2009 where Okenarhe, 42, began intimidating her and 'inviting' himself to stay at her home.

She has become a 'serious victim' of crime in June 2008 and was awarded �11,000 compensation and Okenarhe believed he was entitled to a large proportion of this money because he has helped her out in the past.

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In June 2009 he threatened her and told her he would get people to hurt her if she did not hand over the money. Her new boyfriend threw him out of her home but he still wanted to get the money off her and enlisted the help of Eshalomi and Davis.

Mr James told the court: 'An investigation into this meant police got hold of Eshalomi's phone records and there were a series of text exchanges between him and Okenarhe arranging for men to go to the victim's house and to get hold of the money.'

On one text he wrote to Eshalomi, 24, believed to be his nephew: 'Get as many people as you can to come up on Monday and slap her up'. He also referred to the 'permanent disposal' of her boyfriend and 'fleecing her' for the money.

The court heard how Eshalomi asked for help from Davis, 19, and the pair visited the woman's home on July 20 last year where she was with a friend. They barged in shouting at the two women.

Mr James said the victim was petrified. 'She was ordered to find her passport and her handbag was being emptied out,' he said. 'One of the defendants put a hand over her mouth. They pushed her into the back of a car. She was so upset she had an anxiety attack and she told them she thought she might be sick but the men laughed at her.'

The woman was subjected to the kidnapping ordeal for 15 minutes before police - who had been given the licence number by a concerned neighbour - stopped the car in the city.

All three men pleaded guilty to kidnapping. While the other two men are of previous good character Okenarhe has about 20 previous convictions, been involved in more than 40 offences - some of a sexual nature - and been imprisoned a number of times.

Defending Okenarhe, Scott Wainwright, said he had believed he was entitled to the money because of the help he had given the victim in the past.

Lindsay Cox, defending Eshalomi said he was of previous good character and has 'expressed emotions' since the incident. Representing Davis, Jonathan Goodman said he had no link with the woman before the incident and 'had no real clue about what was going on that day'. He is also of previous good character.

Judge Alistair Darroch sentenced Okenarhe to three-and-a-half years for kidnap and another six months for breaching conditions on the sex offenders register with several orders involving no contact with children under 16 and not working in a school or community organisation.

He said: 'Even though you did not go to the property on the day this offence would not have occurred if it was not for you.'

Davis was sentenced to 21 months in a young offenders institute and Eshalomi to two years and nine months in custody.