Norfolk singer in Games Maker Choir’s Christmas number one bid

A London 2012 Games Maker from an edge-of-Norwich village hopes to head for the top spot and score this year's Christmas number one.

Chris Marsh, 19, from Stoke Holy Cross, is part of the Games Maker choir, formed during the Olympic Games, who are making a bid for the top of the charts this Christmas.

The all-volunteer group, who performed at the Olympic Park during the games, have teamed up with singer-songwriter Alistair Griffin to record the song, I Wish for You the World.

Their single will be released tomorrow.

Mr Marsh, who volunteered as a member of the security team at the Olympic Park during the Olympic Games, said he was excited that the single was about to be released.

The former Framingham High School and Notre Dame Sixth Form pupil, who is currently studying chemistry at Nottingham University, said: 'I love singing and combining my love of singing with the enthusiasm I had for the Olympics has been brilliant.

'It's been nice how in the choir you've been able to get to know other Games Makers quite well - it feels like a family.'

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There were about 200 members in the choir when they performed in the Olympic Park. They also performed at the athletes' parade.

Their song will feature in BBC Sports Personality of the Year's coverage tomorrow. Proceeds from the single will be donated to the British Olympic Foundation and British Paralympic Association to be used to develop and create opportunities for aspiring young people in pursuit of obtaining their Olympic and Paralympic dreams.

It will be available to download from iTunes and Amazon.