Norfolk’s women can get involved in the Movember fun too

It's not just men who can join in the Movember fundraising this month.

A Norwich woman is making it possible for women, or 'Mo Sistas', to join in the fun as well.

Laura Reynolds, 28, is selling moustache necklaces through Hathor, the jewellery company which she set up earlier this year.

She is selling the necklaces for �14.99 and donating �3.75 from every one she sells to the Movember cause.

Miss Reynolds said: 'I just really want to get women involved in raising awareness and funds for a very worthy cause, and let's face it, it really does take a real woman to wear a tache!'

Miss Reynolds is also hoping to organise a celebratory Norwich event for women joining in and supporting the Movember campaign.

To purchase one of the necklaces, or get involved with the event, which Miss Reynolds is hoping to hold on Tuesday, November 29, go to or search for the 'Girls wear a tash for a day' group on Facebook.