Norfolk’s Win does a skydive at the age of 86

Win Winstone has recently celebrated his birthday.

But despite turning 98-year-old the former teacher is still keen to get out and about and pursue his love of music and Morris dancing, where he still meets up regularly with the Kemp's Men.

'I like to play instruments and I've also been helping a chap whose wife gave him a melodeon for Christmas who didn't have any idea how to play it,' he said

Win, who lives in Lakenham Road, has been selected by Age UK Norwich as one of its celebrities, as part of the celebrating later life campaign.

But he admitted that even now he doesn't think of himself as old.

'Even when the television is on I can't just sit there and do nothing, I am either writing music, or arranging music, or thinking about it,' he said. 'I just keep myself busy. Sometimes my legs won't do what I want them to do, but it's about keeping your mind active, and not just sitting there thinking about doing nothing.'