Norfolk’s wildlife in pictures, with photographer Jonathan Lewis

Starting this month we will be following in the footsteps of local wildlife photographer Jonathan Lewis, who will be providing a photographic perspective of what's been happening each month in wild Norfolk.

June is a great month for wildlife; the summer kicks in and young animals are becoming self-sufficient and venturing away from their parents.

For some time a pair of kingfishers have been residing along a stretch of river I photograph.

Around the start of June I was pleased to see that they were joined by a single fledgling which has quickly learned the skills required for independent living. It has been gratifying to watch the progress of this fledgling and to see it now catching fish on a regular basis.

This year's badger cubs have been venturing out of the sett and are now becoming more independent.

They are part of a long-term project and I am being careful not to disturb them, but I have captured some footage which really shows how inquisitive and confident they have become (so inquisitive in fact, that they eventually knock over my video camera!).

You can view the footage at: 23QY5AoRcJo&feature=plcp.

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Likewise, tawny owlets are also growing rapidly and preparing themselves for independence around August, when they search out their own territories.

This year's erratic weather has had an impact on insects, but now that temperatures are increasing, many dragonflies and damselflies can be seen patrolling along riverbanks and lakes.

Further afield I spent the middle of June photographing puffins on Skokholm, a small island off the coast of Wales. You can see a selection of my photographs of these fantastic birds on the homepage of my website.

July wildlife to watch out for…

- Intense competition between young birds leaving the nest

- Swallowtail butterflies on The Broads

- Badgers foraging in broad daylight

- Adders and grass snakes basking in the sun

?Jonathan Lewis is a wildlife photographer based near Norwich. He runs a variety of courses and tours both in Norfolk and further afield.

For more information visit his website or