New year, new you? 8 fitness trainers you should be following

Charlotte Lucy Thompson at Pure Gym Norwich Photo: @CharlotteLucyThompson

Charlotte Lucy Thompson at Pure Gym Norwich Photo: @CharlotteLucyThompson - Credit: Archant

Are you looking for some fitspiration for the new year? We have compiled some of the best and most inspiring fitness trainers in Norfolk on Instagram. Joining the gym is the easy part, sticking to a fitness routine is much harder. If you are looking for little extra motivation to help stick with your fitness goals, filling your instagram feed with gym experts will help give you the kick you need to stay inspired. Here are 8 of the most influential fitness trainers you should be following on Instagram (in no particular order):


Charlotte's Instagram is packed full of posts showing her fitness journey and motivating others to get in the gym too. She gives examples of her workouts with videos and tips and tricks to help you become more confident in the gym. Charlotte is a self-employed personal trainer but also works with Hustle which is a brand new fitness class in Norwich that is female only and boxing inspired.

2.Perfitfitness (Jordan Hipperson)

This Instagram will really get you feeling motivated to accomplish your goals in 2020. The page is filled with incredible transformations where people have lost weight and gained muscle by working with Perfitfitness. Perfitfitness offer personal training sessions and fitness classes in Norwich.


Nikki's instagram is extremely empowering for women. She writes powerful captions alongside her images of her fitness journey. She also posts videos of her form and different workout ideas that you can try in the gym too. Nikki offers online coaching for women that will help build strength, muscle and confidence.


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Jordan offers a different approach to fitness and shows this in his Instagram. He is an evidence based fitness coach and is extremely informative in his posts with how you should perform different exercises in the gym to get the most out of your workout. Jordan is personal trainer and also has workout plans.


Amy is personal trainer at Pure Gym Norwich in Castle Quarter. She does classes in the gym and also trains individual people to their specific needs. Her Instagram is filled with motivational quotes to inspire people to be happy in themselves. She offers gym advice and tips which are extremely useful if you are looking to gain more confidence in the gym.


James also works in PureGym for Norwich and offers classes and individual personal training. After his classes James will also post the workout onto his Instagram allowing you to try it in the gym when you next go.

7. TaraHallFitness

Tara's Instagram is full of inspiration and she keeps it real. Tara is currently 33 weeks pregnant and is still powering on in the gym, She gives advice by showing her own pregnancy/fitness journey and how to perform exercises safely in the gym. Tara offers online coaching and showcases incredible transformations by her clients.


Craig can be found teaching classes and providing personal training in The Gym in Norwich. He showcases his clients performance on Instagram allowing his followers to see the correct form and different exercises they can do in the gym.

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