Norfolk nudists celebrate 75 years - with their clothes on

Matthew SparkesHundreds of nudists will celebrate the 75th anniversary of a popular naturist resort near Norwich this summer with a night of live music and dancing - fully-clothed.Matthew Sparkes

Hundreds of nudists will celebrate the 75th anniversary of a popular naturist resort near Norwich this summer with a night of live music and dancing - fully-clothed.

The Broadlands club is set in 25 acres of quiet woodland in Stoke Holy Cross, near Norwich, and was one of Norfolk's pioneering naturist clubs when it was founded in 1935.

More than 100 members currently enjoy spending time socialising, swimming or playing sport naked at the club - and membership is climbing.

On August 7 it will host a 75th anniversary celebration with live music and a barbecue for several hundred members and guests from other naturist clubs from around the UK and Europe.

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Despite being a nudist resort, the celebrations will see its members all fully-clothed in 1930s fancy dress, in order to reflect the decade in which the club was founded.

The club has grown from humble roots when its founding members had to make do with just a wooden shack, and it now boasts a glass-covered heated swimming pool, clubhouse and cafe.

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Two tennis courts, four petanque terrains and a childrens' play area have also been built on-site and wireless internet access is provided for all users.

John Lucas, 66, sits on the governing board of the company that runs the club, the Broadland Sun Association.

He and his wife, Merrilyn, have been members of the club for 37 years, and now have a permanent caravan at the site where they spend up to a third of their time.

'It's quite a big year for us really,' he said.

'We were actually here when it was 50 years old, and that year we hired buses and went into Yarmouth and went to the Marina Centre.'

He has been involved in organising the celebrations and promised that it would be an event to remember.

'You come through the gates and its like you leave everything behind, everyone is equal,' he said.

'You can feel in the air a new interest in naturism and we gained quite a few members last year.

'It's one of those things that's always gone on, but people know more about it these days.'

Later on this summer the club will also host a Europe-wide petanque competition especially for naturists that is expected to attract hundreds of visitors.

Non-members are welcomed at the club, and there are caravans available to rent on-site for holidays.

For more information on the Broadland Sun Association visit or call 01508 492907.

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